lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

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Last month I took some fashion courses in Saint Martins School (London) and I have to say it was such a wonderful experience. I met new people interested in fashion, learned some things about fashion design, like the steps to build a collection or how to set up a fashion label, including things like research, toiling, construction, marketing and production.

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Now I'm a little bit closer to my Saint Martins dream, I only have to kill myself preparing my portfolio...

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Anónimo dijo...
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Anónimo dijo...

Que suerte que tienes...
Pues ahora que tu vuelves al mundo blogger, yo creo que me voy... estoy pensando en borrarlo:S
te quiero


Hi! I love your blog! I follow u!
pass to mine !
Kisses :)

Sisters' Style dijo...

Que gran esperienciaa!

B. (urbanandtrendy) dijo...

I only have to kill myself preparing my portfolio
3 años que te esperan pero luego ya veras como merece la pena! :D

Ana's Sales dijo...

Que buenos recuerdos!!

Espero que te guste el blog!

Un beso preciosa!!

Ana's Sales dijo...

Baby, tengo algo para ti ;)

Ana's Sales dijo...

Estás premiada en mi blog ;)

Espera que te dejaré un 4º comentario seguido!jajajaja Actualizaaa =P

Nara dijo...

:O Que envidia! y unas fotografias etsupendas ^^

LM dijo...

¡qué guai! Adoro tus fotos, y me encaanta tu anillo ;)
un besazo!

Gairah Love dijo...

OH, diseñas? Madre mia! Eres una crack! Te sigo, vale?

Sweetdie dijo...

Go to the st.Martins is one of my dreams*.*
great pics!
i follow you

Dylana Suarez dijo...

This looks like such an amazing experience!

Just came across your blog!

Dee O. dijo...

Wow, amazing photography!!!


Algo que no tengas ya dijo...

oh que suertee, me encantaria ir a usa, es mi sueño, debe de ser espectacular.
unbesazo :)

Jota dijo...

Bonitas fotos!! ;D

silvia Navarro dijo...

great post!!! love your blog!!!!


Bruno dijo...

It's so cool that you did that! I'm kind of jealous haha, I want to do that too! ((: But in London or New York, like you, but thats far away haha, ah well, we'll see.
Awesome pictures, and awesome blog! Maybe you could post anything from your own collection?


P. dijo...

buah q envidiaa courses of fashion in london!!!!!!!! tell more about that expirience im interested!!!!!! my english is quite good but...hha i understand what you write!!!! kisses